Coil CLR-Ti(ไส้อะตอมพันลวดเอง) ราคาอันละ130บาท

Coil CLR-Ti(ไส้อะตอมพันลวดเอง) ราคาอันละ130บาท
  • รหัสสินค้า: JY
  • สถานะสต๊อก: มีสินค้าในสต๊อก
  • 130บาท


coil CLR เป็นไส้อะตอมพันเองได้ใช้กับevic vtc mini,evic vtc mini with tron,eGo one VT และeGo one ct

CLR-Ti, with Titanium heating wire, is especially designed for Variable Temperature Device, "R" standing for Reusable, Rewickable and Rebuildable, features a unique body design, and allows users to conveniently replace the cotton and customize the coil resistance to their preference.
1*CLR Head (without coil)
1*Ti (Titanium) Heating Wire
1*CLR-Ti 0.5ohm coil
Parameter & Recommendation:
Heating Wire ——Ti (Titanium) 
Diameter: 0.4mm
Temperature recommended: 450-500˚F
Summit wattage: 60W
Resistance recommended: 0.4Ω—0.6Ω 
Rewickable Cotton
The CLR-Ti comes pre-built with
organic cotton. The cotton can
easily be replaced as needed.
Rebuildable and Reuseable
The CLR Atomizer Head is a unique type of RBA. For advanced users, the CLR Atomizer Head can easily be taken apart, so that a new coil can be installed with ease. For standard users, the CLR Atomizer Head can easily be reused when the coils accumulate buildup. Simply remove the cotton, dry burn the coils, let it cool, and then run the coil under cold water. After the coil is dry, new cotton can now be applied to the coil for use.
Cautions: Customers need to choose suitable battery when the heating coil resistance is less than 1ohm.
Liquid Value Control
The Liquid Valve Control can be adjusted according to the PG/VG percentage of the e-juice and voltage output of the battery.


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